Copper Key

The Copper Key, an innovative online tool presented by Kupferverband e.V. and implemented by Matplus®, is a valuable resource for engineers and materials scientists, offering an easy and comprehensive way to compare national standards (ASTM, DIN, EN, BS), materials, and designations for copper alloys. This robust platform allows users to conduct thorough searches, not just through full-text queries, but also based on material composition, standards and properties making it an indispensable tool for industry professionals.

Beyond just being a database, it is a user-friendly tool designed to make your materials selection and analysis easier. With its easy-to-use interface, it helps engineers and researchers compare various copper standards, so you can make well-informed decisions. Thus, it’s promoting efficiency and innovation in your work.

Interactive Data Analysis:

Filter, arrange, and explore data in comparison tables, and visualize any correlations through interactive graphics. Dive deep into the data with just one click and follow the linked data sets.

Bidirectional Linking:

Navigate seamlessly between standards, designations, and product forms thanks to intuitive bidirectional links connecting all data sets.

User-Friendly Interface:

Switch between different units and languages (German and English) at ease, tailoring the database to your preferences. Knowledge Management: Utilize the Copper Key as the foundation for establishing your own knowledge management system within your company or institute. Our team is on hand to assist you with this process.

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