The Metallic Materials Properties Development and Standardization (MMPDS)

This Handbook is the worldwide used primary source of statistically based, design allowable properties for metallic materials and fastened joints used by the aerospace industries.

With the MMPDS database, our customers have access to comprehensive and validated material property data vital for structural analysis and design. Recognized and approved by the FAA, MMPDS guarantees consistency and reliability in your material selection processes.

Matplus, a dedicated member of the International Steering Group (ISG) of MMPDS, proudly presents an extended version of the MMPDS database with EDA, accessible via cloud or on-premises. Our mission is to augment your material selection capabilities with additional data, tools, and functionalities.

Matplus introduces a well-thought-out structuring of materials into Master Materials and Engineering Materials within the MMPDS database. The 176 Master Materials aggregate all data of a specific alloy, transcending heat-treatment, product form, and dimension variations. In total 1383 Engineering Materials, on the other hand, offer condition-specific data grounded in robust statistical analysis. While research, the consistent linking between Master and Engineering Materials assures our customers to never lose track within the database. This innovative categorization ensures a seamless and comprehensive material selection experience.

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